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                Sun - an inexhaustible renewable energy source with unlimited potential. This type of energy is completely harmless to the environment, and distinguishes itself from most other energy sources. Instead of wasting solar benefits, we can use it and transform into electricity or heat.
                Lithuania extends between 54° -56° north latitude and in horizontal surface per square meter solar radiation is from 926 kWh/m² to 1042 kWh/m², depending on location, through the year. This is almost identical to the amount in Germany, which is leading country in the field of solar energy around the world.
               It is estimated that there are about 150 km² of roofs territory in Lithuania, which can be exploited absorbing solar energy. We can, not just  increase the energy independence , but also secure a steady source of income.
                It is important to know that the amount of energy produced depends not only on the plant place, its orientation, inclination angle or the falling shadows, but one o the most important factors are reliable and best quality equipment.
                Electricity produced from solar plant can be used for your own needs and all surplus can be sold. That way you can fulfil all your energy demand and generate additional revenue.

                We will:

  • prepare all the necessary documents for construction of solar plant;
  • install a high quality global leaders developed equipment;
  • test and launch your solar plant, and give everything to you with maintaining guide!

                Together with you we can build a modern energetic environment corresponding to the highest standards!

Where to start?

Contact us, and we will implement your idea! We will arrange all the documents required for permits, design a project of your power plant project, and after we will build it we will commission it to you. All you will have to do is enjoy profits from the power plant.

What to choose?

We will help you! We offer products of world's leading manufacturers, which will ensure safety and reliability of your investment for many years.

Worth it?

Contact us, and we will prove it to you! We will provide calculations, estimated payback period, and profit forecasts.